Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch Review

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch Review


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch Review

Back in 2013 Omega introduced its Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch Collection. It is its first Seamaster 600m Planet Ocean Watch with a second-time-zone. As a matter of fact, eight years passed after Omega introduced its New Seamaster Planet Ocean Collection. As described by many watch enthusiasts yet, this one could be the perfect traveler watch as it possesses the additional function of the second time zone. Obviously a feature that comes in handy while we are traveling. At the same time, Omega introduced also into this watch the Master Co Axial movement. It comes together with its marvelous anti-magnetic properties. And this especially to highlight for sure its new beautiful design. Nevertheless, Omega Planet Ocean 600M GMT it is a good-looking watch.


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Let’s talk a little bit about its features: 

The case


This Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT watch can be considered a little pretty hefty. That’s comparing with a normal watch. And that’s because of its large 43.5 mm diameter case. But also because of its 17.04 mm case thickness. Comparatively, with its last versions, its case thickness has been reduced from 17.25 mm to 17.04 mm on the new model. At the same time, Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT comes with a Brushed with Polished Stainless Steel Case.

There are another two Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean models. These watches come also with 42 mm and 45.5 mm cases. But, the new edition comes with a 43.5 mm case. The watch has most of the diving watch features. A helium escape valve. A feature useful only for professional divers. Even if it is not considered a watch for divers it recommends itself as such. And that’s because it’s impressive water-resistant to 600 meters and also its helium escape valve. Moreover,  it possesses a screw-down crown and the diver extension with its bracelet.



Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer GMT Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co Axial Chronometer GMT Watch / Black and White / Case Ref.


THE Black and White Bezel 


One of the beauties of this watch represents its Polished Bi-Ceramic Black and White bi directional Bezel.  Because of its contrasting colors, the bezel helps to adjust easier for use with the 24-hour GMT hand. A bi directional bezel always comes together with a diver watch. The numerals and also scaling comes delivered in contrasting colors. To separate the night from day. The bezel comes made from ceramic ZrO2.  Just to ensure that the diver can never accidentally decrease the displayed dive time. 

On the other hand, the bezel comes also marked with a GMT 24-hour scale. That’s instead of a normal diver’s 60-minute scale needed to see the elapsed dive time. But, this bezel comes mounted on the 43.5 mm stainless steel case. And also represents the world’s first Polished Bi Ceramic Black and White Bezel

The Movement 

This new Seamster Planet Ocean GMT comes also with another big novelty. And is not about cosmetics. It’s all about its inside. The Omega caliber 8906.  In fact, Omega first introduced this escapement mechanism in early 2013.  But the 2014 watches from the same collection comes also with these movements.  So, “Under the hood” this watch possesses a powerful self-winding automatic  Omega caliber 8906 movements.  In the first place, this movement runs at 25,200 vibrations per hour. Which represents 3.5 Hertz. Also, it provides a power reserve for up to 60 hours.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer GMT Movement Caliber 8906  Model # - 21533442201001

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co Axial Chronometer GMT Watch / Black and White /  Caliber 8906 

Also, as an example, most modern watch movements runs at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. But there are some timepieces which run at a higher speed of 36,000. And there are some watches which run at a lower speed of 18,000 VPH. Or even 21,600 vibrations per hour. This Co Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8906 runs at a frequency of 25’200 vph. At 3.5 Hz per Hour. But, according to Omega, this represents the best speed for this co-axial movement. This mechanism features also an Omega’s Si14 silicon balance spring. This improves resistance to shock and magnetism. Thus sustaining its reliability. 

In fact, the escapement mechanism contributes to its greater precision. It also contributes to its stability and durability. That’s because the Co Axial escapement generates less friction. It also reduces the necessity of lubrication. Thus reducing the time intervals required between servicing. Moreover, this movement comes also COSC certified. This guarantees the precision of a maximum -4 / +6 seconds deviation per day. Although, the rotor and also the visible bridges comes decorated with a unique “arabesque” wave design finish. The movement can be seen through the watch Sapphire Crystal Exhibition Case Back.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer GMT Caliber 8906 Case Back / Model # / 21533442201001

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co Axial Chronometer GMT Case Back / Model # / 21533442201001


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Black & White Dial

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer GMT @majordor #majordor

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer GMT / Model # / 21533442201001


The dial of this watch best describes his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Black & White nickname. This watch comes with a high gloss black zirconium oxide ceramic dial. The [ZrO2] logo is engraved on the dial. This dial comes also with applied polished index hours markers with luminous fill. Blue colored emission fill. Moreover, it comes also with applied polished Arabic numerals. These numerals are placed at 6, 9 and also at 12 o’clock. The dial possesses a fine silver printed minute and also seconds track.

Of course, another interesting touch for this watch remains its Stainless Steel polished Arrow Hands. These hands come also filled with luminous BLUE colored emission. But, the minute hand comes with GREEN colored emission. The GMT Hand comes also filled with BLUE luminescent fill.

The Strap

The watch possesses a 7″ – 17.80 cm Adjustable Black leather strap with a rubber lining, providing a degree of anti-slip during swimming coupled with a Stainless Steel Deployment Buckle   


METAS Certification


Of course, this watch comes also METAS certified. METAS tests any watch for eight parameters. One of these parameters represents also the resistance to magnetic fields. This resistance has to reach a minimum of 15,000 gausses. Moreover, it tests also its precision. This must present a maximum deviation of 0/+5 seconds per day. METAS Master Chronometer certification is an independent and external certification organism. It operates with all watch manufacturers, not just with Omega.

Another key point, these movements are completely anti-magnetic. Meaning that comes resistant to magnetic fields greater than 15,000 gauss. Additionally, it measures the performance of the watch in daily wearing conditions.

Price and reference

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M Co-Axial Master Chronometer GMT 43.5 mm. Ref. Costs between €7,100, and $8,400. It is available starting August 2016.

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Special Thanks to The Official Omega Website, Watch Wiki, WatchBase, and Wikipedia for all the above information.

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