Wolf Blake Pebbled Leather 3 Watch Storage Roll

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  • Ultrasuede lining
  • Dimensions: 8″ W X 3.25″ H X 3.25″ D
  • Material: Leather


Wolf Blake Pebbled Leather 3 Watch Storage Roll

Wolf Blake Pebbled Leather 3 Watch Storage Roll


Wolf Blake Pebbled Leather 3 Watch Storage Roll


The Blake Watch Roll comes handcrafted in a classic smooth black leather and also purple Ultrasuede lining. Also comes patented Watch Guards to keep your timepieces protected while traveling. Therefore, protecting the objects that make you who you are and also enhance your lifestyle becomes a top priority. Thus, this storage roll includes space for approximately 3 watches with 2 Watch Guards and snap closure. 

Stylish and classic, Blake is brought to life with top grain leathers, chrome, and bold accents. A classic collection of essentials. Choose from black or brown leather with soft suede interiors. Effortless protection from your watches to your shoes, organization for your travels and your life.

To find out more about Wolf Accessories follow this link: Wolf Accessories

  • 8″ W X 3.25″ H X 3.25″ D
  • Ultrasuede lining
  • Leather


About Wolf



With each generation, strong traditions and ethics are passed down – instilling a sense of pride at the achievements this family led business has made. From our 180 year history to our global brand recognition, WOLF has never wavered from its undying pursuit for perfection, luxury, and elegance.



We take pride in the meticulous care we take in the design and production of each WOLF piece.



Simon Philip Wolf’s apprenticeship started early, barely out of his teens, his father, Philip Wolf IV guided him every step of the way, laying down a foundation of knowledge that had been passed to him by his father and that is invaluable to Simon who leads the company today with a clear vision and a desire to be the very best.




A company is a reflection of the people who work for it. We are a multi-cultural, thoughtful, hardworking team, and family. Together, we make up the heart of WOLF’s family business.




With each generation, we become an even more unique company. Strong traditions and ethics passed down from one generation to the next. Instilling a sense of pride at the achievements we all have made in this family led business, a business that has become a family.

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