Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman


Crafted in platinum.

Detailed with diamonds and a Cornflower blue sapphire that totals 1.50 carats.

Finished on a thin band, with hammered detail

Ring size : 6,5

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Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman

Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman www.majordor.com

Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman

Nevertheless this is an elegant hexagonal ring from Cathy Waterman.

The ring has an etched milgrain setting in platinum and features a cornflower blue sapphire center with a carat weight of 1.50 carats.

The stone rests on a thin band with diamonds set halfway around the band.

It is Crafted in platinum.

In the same time is detailed with diamonds and a Cornflower blue sapphire that totals 1.50 carats.

Also it is finished on a thin band, with hammered detail.

Ring size : 6,5



Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman | Majordor Luxury Gifts 

About the Designer – CATHY WATERMAN

Nevertheless, Designer and California native Cathy Waterman makes magic not only with platinum, but also with 22 karat gold and diamonds.

All it’s inspiration comes from nature, whether it be images in the clouds, or reflections in puddles of water. She designs both delicate and bold jewelry in platinum, diamonds, and 22 karat gold. Cathy’s following includes celebrities, fashion leaders, passionate fans, brides and collectors. She is the undisputed darling of the fashion press. Her designs are appearing regularly on the covers of Town & Country, Vogue, and InStyle.


Cathy Waterman incorporates into her jewelry collections one-of-a-kind gemstones and fancy diamonds. She, personally,  hand picks each stone, takes a sketchpad, and lovingly incorporates the gemstones and her designs into keepsake Cathy Waterman jewelry.

Her new presentation, “Love of My Life,” is a glorious and rich tapestry of rings, drawing from a deep cache of her early collections to newly released designs.



Platinum is a whitish-gray metal that is thirty times as rare as gold. In fact, if all the platinum in the world was poured into an olympic sized pool. It would barely cover one’s ankles – all the world’s gold would fill more than three pools. Moreover, platinum is twice as dense as gold. A platinum ring will be twice the weight of an identical ring cast in gold. And what makes platinum even more expensive, is the fact that one ounce of refined platinum takes up to ten tons of mined platinum ore, whereas an ounce of gold requires a mere 5 tons.

The general rule is that an alloy of platinum (see discussion on alloying) tends to be harder than an equivalent alloy of gold. A 95% gold alloy (95% gold content and 5% alloy) would typically be softer than a 95% platinum alloy. Platinum will resist breaks, chips & cracks, and heat & chemicals better than gold. And, because of its higher density and strength, platinum tends to retain its finish and wear better than gold.

Nearly all Platinum is 950 (95% pure) with just 5% alloy. Once well polished, platinum will maintain its finish virtually tarnish free forever. As with any metal, the polished surface of some platinum alloys may scratch with every-day wear. But when it does scratch, the metal is not lost, merely displaced. Thus, the volume of Platinum in a setting should last a lifetime. Over time, matte finish platinum tends to burnish and highly polished platinum tends to matte.

With reasonable protection from knocks and abrasion, highly polished platinum can be brilliant and kept that way. A large proportion of platinum-palladium alloy is plated thinly with rhodium, which scarcely alters the color but does impart some extra wear resistance (see discussion on rhodium electroplating). To add to its already impressive array of features, platinum is also hypoallergenic – providing a lifetime of allergy-free durability to its fortunate owner.



Sapphires have an esteemed history. Tradition holds that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were composed of sapphire, so strong that a hammer swung against them would be smashed to pieces. The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection colored the sky. Many other cultures have believed that sapphires imparted healing and calming properties.

The Sapphires stones have been worn by royalty throughout the ages as a symbol of good fortune, virtue, wisdom and holiness. Princess Diana and Princess Anne both received sapphire engagement rings and the British Crown Jewels are full of large blue sapphires, the symbol of pure and wise rulers.

In the same time the Sapphire Stone is the birthstone of September. Since sapphire symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness, it is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It is also the traditional wedding anniversary gift for a couple’s 5th and 45th year.


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Hexagonal Blue Sapphire Bezel Ring Cathy Waterman | Majordor Luxury Gifts 



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