Manual Winding Movement

Manual Winding Movement Luxury Watches Online Collection

Manual wind watches require that you wind them by hand or sometimes with a special tool in order for the watch to operate.

In the beginning, the pocket watches were using a key. Thus, with the key, we would turn the square end of the spring core shaft of the barrel around which the mainspring is coiled.

Moreover, a hand-wound watch possesses no rotor and therefore it needs to be wound by hand in order for it to work.

Of course, there are a lot of fans of these marvelous mechanisms.

But, for those fascinated by the micro-mechanics in a mechanical watch, a hand-wound watch with a transparent case back becomes a huge plus. That’s because in many cases it allows you to see more of the movement.

On the other hand, the absence of the weighted rotor allows watchmakers to make the mechanical movement significantly thinner. So the watch becomes also more lightweight on the wrist.


Manual Hand-Wound examples from our Collections:

Breguet Caliber 533.3 ( Caliber 2320 ) 

In the first place, this caliber, debuted under the designation CH 27. Conceived by Breguet head movement designer Albert Piguet at Lémania, who practiced his art in the Vallée de Joux. Initially sold without elaborate finishing embellishments, it quickly acquired its reputation thanks to its reliability and performance.

Throughout a substantial period of its history, the movement has run at a frequency of 18,000 beats per hour. But, it achieved a greater precision by increasing the beat rate to 21,600 per hour, that is 3 Hz. Moreover, it possesses a Breguet designed Balance-wheel, an inverted straight-line lever escapement, and also a Breguet designed Balance-spring. Also, it reaches a 48 hours power reserve.


Jaeger Le-Coultre Caliber 843

This mechanism presents itself as a mechanical manually-wound movement containing 231 parts. Although, it reaches 21,600 vibrations per hour and also 45-hour power-reserve. Moreover, it possesses indicators for hours, minutes, days, months, date, and also moon phases. As with all Jaeger Le-Coultre watches this watch passed a rigorous 1000 (41 days) test before leaving the factory. The case flips over to reveal a transparent case back showcasing the movement with linear Coates de Geneva finish.

Manual Winding Movement Luxury Watches Online Collection